Thursday, September 20, 2012

God Save the Queen (Punk Rock Version)

'Cause Lord knows, if she saw these, she'd need it (jk).  This is a 5th grade project I got here, except I changed it a little (don't we all?).  We make her hair with Model Magic or Cloud Clay (have to be sure to glue it well and paint it the same day) and use a variety of things for her dress and embelishments (whatever I have a lot of).  They're not finished, barely started actually, but this is what they look like right now:

They could choose her hairstyle from a scrolling Power Point
of Queen Elizabeth I portraits, and this student hasn't added the
paper doily collar yet.
Arms will also be added, and she'll be holding some symbols of power.

What would this blog be without a
sideways photo EVERY time?
Another sideways one.

I'll post some finished photos when we're done.  They're fun.  We compared portraits of Queen Elizabeth I to Washington Crossing the Delaware.  Our queens are supposed to look "large and in charge".  Love them!

And because I just love posting just-started projects, first grade is painting color wheels to make into collage clowns (thank you, Sharon Williams for this lesson).  We did primary colors and two secondary ones:

I hope our rainbows are large enough to make clown hair.

Little mix-up with making green on this one.

This is my first time doing this project, fingers crossed it turns out well.
Something great about a post with the maiden Queen of England and clowns . . .


  1. Looking good - Can't wait to see the finished portraits :)

  2. Thanks! I'll post some as soon as we're done.


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