Friday, September 28, 2012

Color Wheel Clown Fun!

Yesterday, my first group of first graders finished their clowns, and they are sooooo very adorable.  See?

This was the lesson I got pretty recently from Sharon (who I student taught with 13 years ago) at a conference.  We painted the color wheels together, I gave them a circle to trace for the head.  The rainbow hair was on the bottom of our color wheels.  The arms were supposed to be cat stairs, but I made a last-minute decision to make spring arms.  Pants are just a 6x 9 construction paper with a triangle cut out.  I really like them, and will do them again.
For your viewing pleasure, a few more:

Love the attitude of this clown!

Faces are just marker.
OK, how awesome is the hump-back look?!

Love it!
In the future (like, next year) I'll stretch the put-them-all-together day instead of rushing them and have them write a little story about their clowns or what they learned about color mixing.
For now, they're going to go up in the hall for all to see and enjoy!


  1. Very cool idea! The color wheel is important to know, and this makes it fun :).


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