Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Speaking of Sixth Grade. . .

Sixth graders are deep into an Asian Unit.  We're currently studying Japan, and making artwork in the Japanese style (we're kind of using Japanese artworks as a jumping-off place).  As I shared yesterday, we made some suminagashi or marbelized papers (as a born-and-bred Midwesterner, I don't even TRY to say that word!).  Those papers will be the backings of our scroll paintings, some of which currently look like this:

Drawn, not yet traced and OF COURSE
turned the wrong way.

This is a talented student, he used one
of my "How to Draw" books that
I always have available.

A student who's already added ultra-fine Sharpie. 
We'll add color via Watercolor Pencils and Metallic Pencils next.

The first art project we did about Japan was origami.  Simple paper cranes, but we added them to a collaborative piece from over the years.  It now hangs in our health room (used to hang in our main office but was removed to make the area "less cluttered" which I totally understand.)


This is an idea that I totally ripped off from one of our local Starbucks:

Theirs is made of magazine paper, which is
awesome looking and very cost effective,
but a little difficult for my beginning origami makers.

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