Monday, October 29, 2012

Big Eyed Paper People

Third grade is still on their art history journey.  We were talking about the Tell Asmar figures found in Mesopotamia, and how they've all got really big eyes and folded hands.  I have them guess what purpose these stone figures served (they come up with some really imaginative answers) before I tell them that no one is really sure what their purpose is, and why their eyes are so big.  Are they all knowing? Watching out??? 
Then we use paper and paper folding techniques to make our own:

A partial group shot.

They have to use all seven ways of attaching paper in their sculpture.

I let them choose their base color from a multi-cultural paper assortment, we write our names along the bottom edge of the paper and glue it into a paper tube shape.  I then show them how to score paper, make springs, spirals, tab-n-slit, fringe, paper loops and cat stairs.  We also get out the "fun" scissors the second or third time we work on them.

They must have oversized, popping-out eyes, but other than that, they can make whatever type of person they want.  I hang these up using clothespins on a monofilament line right outside of the art room for the entire school year.  They really brighten up our halls, and the students always love to see their work up!

I especially enjoy how varied and different the sculptures always are.  The parimeters aren't narrow, but it's still amazing how different they all are, just like all the students in my classroom!

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