Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kindergarten Gets Heart Smart

New lesson alert!!! I'd seen something on Pinterest a while ago that I'd filed away in my memory bank and pulled out for this lesson:

On Pinterest, it was a baby/toddler printing with a toilet paper tube, cut lengthwise and taped into a heart shape.  I made 75+ of them (yep, super fun times!) and had kindergarten print rows of hearts with tempera paint. Because most of the students finished before art was over, I then gave them a 6 x 9 sheet of white paper and told them to draw themselves in PE doing something fun.  If they had time, I let them color their drawings with marker.   The next time they came to art we used construction paper crayons to color the rows of hearts into a PATTERN (such an important concept in kindergarten).  I only let them color 10-15 minutes before I stopped them and we did some exercises, feeling our hearts after different activities (jumping, running in place).  We talked about our hearts being a muscle, how PE and playing helps all of our muscles.  I then gave them a strip of paper with the words "I keep my heart healthy and _____________." The students realized the missing word was STRONG.  I wrote it on the board for them to copy on their papers. Here are some more of their pictures:

This is his drawing of the long jump!

Just love the self-esteem oozing out of this drawing!

I was so impressed by her careful printing.

This is a great example of her coloring patterns,
although she did run out of time.

My state's fall conference is fast approaching (we have two, a fall and a spring) and I'm taking these to "Drag-n-Brag" which is like a lesson free-for-all in a salon gallery type of setup.  I love kindergarten because they keep me on my toes, I always feel like I have to have the next 4-5 lessons ready to go because they very well could barrel through the day's lesson and demand "What's next, Mrs. Fresia?"


  1. Great lesson!! It addresses so many concepts, not least of which is the importance of exercise! Brilliant :)

  2. Thanks! It's definately one I'll do again!


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