Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Glad Mad Sad First Graders

I really thought I'd blogged about this lesson before, so I didn't take many photos because my plan was to link it to the previous post . . . which doesn't exist.  I know the original idea was not my own, and when I find my inspiration, I'll link it, but for now, just go with it, will you? [edited because I found it here on Artsonia]

First grade, talking about self portraits.  I use acrylic stand up mirrors, kind of like these.  They are a bit pricey, but we use them all the time in my room.  They draw three self portraits on three separate 9 x 12 papers, first with pencil and then trace with black permanent marker.  I give them time to make faces in the mirror (just because it's fun).  We look at ourselves with a variety of expressions.  I tell them they need to draw themselves sad.  The next one is a mad face.  I usually write "Feeling Blue" on their sad one and "Hot Headed" on their mad one, but after this year I'll probably drop that bit.

You've probably figured the next part out: we talk about warm and cool colors, and they paint their self portraits.  Cool=sad, warm=mad, free choice/any/all colors=happy.  I only added the happy one this year because students kept asking 'when do we draw ourselves happy?'  I also used to have them glue their sad and mad self portraits to large (18 x 24) paper, but this year I stapled their three self portraits on 2 x 24 strips and I like it so much better.

I also made a quick "The many faces of ____________" paper for them to fill in and glue to a larger piece of construction paper.  Adorable!

I do love the way they all look hanging in the hall, it has a real gallery feel.

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