Wednesday, December 17, 2014

On the Walls in these Halls

Are you ever in an unfamiliar area and drive by a school and wish you could go in and talk to the art teacher?  I think of it almost every time I'm passing a school.  At LEAST I'd like to see what's hanging up in there, see what sort of projects the students are working on.  
Since most of you will never drive by my school, I photographed what's hanging in the halls right now for you to see (you are most welcome!).

Fifth grade presidential portraits and third grade paper people
hanging right across from my classroom.

Sixth grade African masks and more third grade paper people
right outside my room.

New kindergarten Kandinsky-inspired trees hanging in the hallway
from the cafeteria.  Haven't gotten the objectives for this project
posted yet, but I will.

First grade paintings (self portraits) and some kindergarten color
mixing paintings that are being taken down to make room
for more first grade work.
I also have two bulletin boards, which is great but never seem quite big enough:

Sixth grade Adinkra prints (just cut out of sticky-back foam
and printed with marker).

Oh, and we added "stitching" with black Sharpies.
Fourth grade Kahlo-inspired self portraits.  These are great,
but I haven't gotten them all up yet.
Wouldn't it be great if you really could just "drop by" an art teacher some time?  It would probably never work out, there'd be too much going on or something, but it'd be awesome if we could all share more and show off our students' work more. Until the 'open door' policy in my mind comes to pass, I guess I'll keep on reading blogs!

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