Monday, October 26, 2015

Fifth Grade and Andy Warhol

I know I probably say this too much, but I'm really loving these!!!!

Here's the backstory to this assignment--our district went to one-to-one electronic devices this year (all students have chromebooks), and while I'd dabbled in Google Classroom last year, I wanted to get better at it this year.  This project is similar to one I did many years ago in a different district, except last time I took, edited and printed all the student photos (ain't no one got time for that).  Here's what I did: I set up a fifth grade Google Classroom and created an assignment using these directions (let's hope you can access them), then as a group we went outside, took photos and went through the directions all together.  When students had a black and white high contrast selfie, they turned it in to me through Google Classroom and I printed them out.
While all that was getting accomplished, I gave them each a large, 18 x 24 paper to fold into fourths.  We did bleeding tissue on one fourth:

And then a warm painting on one fourth and a cool painting on one fourth (using the block tempera paints):

All of this work gave me time to chase down absent students or students who didn't actually turn it in correctly.
I had decided to have them trace them on clear sheets, and in a stroke of pure luck (maybe genius?) I happened to ask in our main office if we had any boxes of old overhead sheets lying around.  The secretary was SO HAPPY to get rid of them.  In the store room there were more boxes than I could carry!!!
Students taped the clear overhead sheets to their photos with one strip of masking tape and traced the black with extra fine permanent marker:

Only a few are done for now, but after tracing onto three clear sheets, I use hot glue to attach the tracings to their papers:

Sorry about the glare, these are really hard to photograph.

The final step was to have the students glue their photo to the remaining/blank rectangle on their paper.  I CANNOT WAIT to hang these in the hallway!

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