Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Kind of Scared

There's good and bad things about experience.  Good: classroom management is easier, more lessons to choose from, better handle on ordering supplies, organizing supplies.  Bad: I know when to be scared.  Using Plastercraft with 27 fifth graders kind of terrifies me.  We're making three dimensional letters in a Pop Art style, and I won a box of Plastercraft at a conference several years ago that I've never opened.  Just opening it and starting my own example made a giant mess. How is it not going to stop up the sink? I already know I'm not having them use my regular water cups, but should I throw away the cups we use so all the leftover plaster doesn't go down the drain? Is this whole plaster idea even worth it? I'm willing to try with one class, but if it's a disaster we'll go right back to papier mache (which I'm way comfortable with).  It also doesn't help that I remember a post from Mr. E a while ago about plaster (and third grade?) being a total mess. . . 
Anyone have plaster management advice?

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