Friday, October 30, 2015

Adaptive Warhol

This is a lesson I thought I'd blogged about before, but I can't find it anywhere, so maybe not??? In the style of Andy Warhol, I had my adaptive students print their hands with black paint on yellow paper:

They then cut them out, leaving a "halo" of paper around the edge (paras drew a pencil line for them to cut on).  We then glued those to another paper and cut again:

This glue, cut, glue continued and finally we glued them to black paper:

I wanted them to send me a "selfie" via google classroom so I could print a little sticker in the corner of their papers instead of their names, but only one student has done it so far (this is an adult problem, not a student problem).  I'll get some responsible students on it as helpers next week, and I'll get those stickers on there! For now, these papers are headed to our office "gallery."

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