Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Art Show Preparations Lesson 2016 Version

I feel like I blog about the art show every single year.  For proof of this, click here, here or here. Or even here.  It's always a struggle and a worry (will I get it all done/prepared? Will anyone come? How can I improve on last year's show?) but it always comes together somehow.  Last year we got a new librarian (or was it two years ago already?) and she requested moving the Art Fair to before spring break (she runs a book fair the same night that benefits our libraries).  Someone told her "oh, the art teachers will never go for that!" To which I say, "Sir, or Ma'am, you are a LIAR! We would love to have the art show over and done before spring break!" And so here we are.  Mountains of student work to be sorted, chosen and glued to black paper:

Art show stations to be organized and planned for, student names to be printed on labels.  After 16 years, you'd think that I'd have it down pat, and I kind of do, but here's some things I learned in preparing for this year's show: I do better if I get every other class glued a day.  Like, have the first class of the day sort their work and bring it to me to glue to black paper, then TEACH A LESSON to the second class, then have the third class sort/glue. . . doing it back-to-back all day makes me crazy.  And cranky. Much happier when it's an every other situation.  

#2, having students consistently add the "what I learned" sheets to their work and the ones that say "what I learned/what I want you to know" makes for sort of automatic artist statements, which is cool:

#3, I love the secretary and her label printing skills:

No name left on the sheet=everyone's work is there, glued and accounted for!

The Make Art Like a 3rd Grader (or 4th/5th/6th Grader) stations from last year were a big hit, so we'll be doing those again.  I'm also adding a selfie station for fun with the paintings I made for it earlier this year, which will be fun.

The big day is next week, and I'm really feeling pretty prepared.  Maybe a little more prepared than I am for my first ever National Art Education conference the week after.  So look for my whew-the-art-show-is-over post late next week for more photos. Along with an anxiety ridden post about going to Chicago/being away from Mr. One Happy Art Teacher & babies/being at National conference.

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