Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lichtenstein Inspired Fun

Who doesn't love Pop Art?  Fifth graders really love it when we talk about Pop Artists Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.  We took some notes on the two and used a file that you can download here (look for the one that says Pop Art Notes).  Students then planned out their own comic book style paintings, (I had them come up with 3-4 ideas sketched out in their sketchbooks).  One of the things I was looking for was that center of interest person with a speech bubble (it didn't have to be a self portrait, but many students did draw themselves).  I gave each student a 12 x 12" white paper, and had them draw them with pencil and trace them with Sharpie.  I tried to get them to have equal parts black and white on their papers before adding tempera paint.

We spent several class periods painting--I had them use the other end of the brush for the Benday dots. I did only give them primary colors + turquoise, black, white, peach and brown.

These are really brightening our hallways!

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