Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sometimes You Just Forget

With the school year well under way, it's just amazing to me how fast my day goes.  Every minute is busy, and the students are so funny and interesting and exhausting/exhausted (I just love those exhausted kindergarteners the first weeks of school).  My schedule is sooooo much easier than the past few years (when I had adaptive art or traveling to another building, then plan time, then eight classes with a 20 minute lunch).  This year I have my plan time with my lunch, giving me time to regroup and focus.
As for projects, I'm doing modified sketchbooks this year (half the size) with sixth grade from a lesson I blogged about last year.  Fifth grade started a unit on Pop Art, so we're having fun with Lichtenstein and Warhol (I'll blog on those as we're working, so look for some posts), fourth grade is working on Emily Carr landscapes, third grade is busy with their cave "paintings", second grade is studying texture and making monsters that are looking AH-MAZING (blog post coming soon for that one too), first grade finished their Gertrude McFuzz birds and are drawing clowns to paint next, and kindergarten made their glasses, and now they're practicing gluing lines like Mondrian (which I don't really have the greatest post for, the lesson is barely mentioned).
Maybe it's teaching so long, maybe it's my schedule, maybe it's not being pregnant ('cause I've done enough teaching while pregnant), but whatever it is, this year has been delightful so far.  Fun and interesting and FUN. Perhaps it's a combination of better schedule/not being pregnant/no more babies up in the night AND experience?  I'll take it!!!!

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