Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Just Outside My Door

There is an easel just outside my door, with a poster that I change every year.  It's actually a piece of poster board securely taped to a piece of foam board that is tied to the easel with pipe cleaners (can you tell I've had things knocked over before?).  I like to do a totally different one every year, and this is what this year's looks like:

Hard to see in the photo, but it says:
Knock Knock WHO'S THERE? a few things that make Mrs. Fresia smile
I was really torn between this idea a sort of "Sweet Sixteen" theme (for my sixteenth year teaching) but in the end, this idea one out and I'm very happy with it.  Each door opens:

First/red door

The black is magnet strips, so the doors will stay closed.
The blue door got a smear of red on it from someone opening it.
Kind of like what happens on your front door at home.

I googled "front doors," looked at the images and painted from those images.

I need to photograph my artwork more often,
but this is my purse for the year.
It's Gelli-printed on an old running shirt,
then appliqued--it says:
depending on how you're looking at it.
Last door. . . 

This is an acrylic mirror.  I have a class set of stand-up
acrylic mirrors and one broke.
I saved it, scored it with an Exact-O knife
and cut it to size.

I'm enjoying the interactive aspect of this year's poster, and I know the students are too.  Every single day children are opening the doors and commenting (or maybe checking for spinach in their teeth).

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