Monday, September 21, 2015

Sometimes I Just Don't Love It

My kindergarten classes need some extra cutting practice this year, so I decided we'd make lions (and later "hide" them in some tall grass).  I don't love them.  They're kind of . . . eh.

I'm not really big on directed drawing much with kindergarten, and this lesson feels a little too factory/assembly line.  We still have work to do, of course, adding our tall grass and maybe coloring a background. I just like a bit more personality.

Who knows? Maybe they'll be amazing, but so far, I'm not sold.  I'm open to suggestions on ways to make them more interesting while keeping the cutting/gluing practice part in tact.

I also decided today that the years I spent waiting tables were NOT wasted.  All that balancing of drinks and platters sure does come in handy when painting with fourth and fifth graders! And I'll post about my fifth graders' Lichtenstein paintings soon--we're nearly done with them.


  1. I think these have real possibility!! Maybe a sponge painted background?? Like your idea of tall grasses -- maybe on "painted paper" to give the grasses some texture. They may be just wonderful!!!

  2. That's a great idea, Christie! I'll try it next and let you know how it goes!

  3. The Lion is our mascot at our elementary school, I like the addition of sponge painted background and grasses. Perhaps also "curling" the lion's mane by snipping the lines and curling them around a finger or something? Some could curl up and others down, or add yarn, raffia, etc. to give texture? I'm a school counselor who uses art in my classroom lessons, as well as art therapy in small group and individual settings.


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