Sunday, September 27, 2015

Not 'Lion,' I Really Like These Lions (Now)

After help from some readers (thank you, Christie & Connie for being supportive readers) I do now really like our lions.  What started out as some cutting practice really came together well:

We drew our lions together with marker, cut them out and assembled them.  Thanks to Christie's brilliant idea, we added some tempera paint (two finger printing for clouds and cardboard edge for grass).  I had pre-cut 4 x 18" strips, and we added paint to that too.  After drying, more cutting (the grass) and some glue, we were done:

And because our building is in our first year of becoming a Leader In Me school, I had to throw that in too:

I was so excited to get it all put up that I did it just after they were finished, so I'm betting some will be glued to the bulletin board! They are just delightful, and right off one of our attendance offices, so I think they'll get lots of admirers.

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