Thursday, April 7, 2016

Let's Talk About Paintbrushes

Let's talk paint brushes for a minute.  When I first came to my current school (9 years ago), the very sweet and wonderful PTA used some of their box top $ to get some supplies for me.  It was awesome and amazing and I discovered some markers I would've never ordered on my own! And they ordered a bunch of paint brushes for me:

Um, thank you?  I could NOT throw them out--I just couldn't! It was so great and welcoming that they were buying things for my art program.  So I shoved them in the drawer, and when sealing anything with Modge Podge or something equally sticky and brush-destroying, these bad boys get pulled out.  They work perfectly for this purpose.
I also inherited these when I came:

After nine years of giving them away to any art teacher in my district who wants them, I still have twenty three dozen wrapped and unopened.  That's a LOT of tiny watercolor painting we could be doing!
Here's my out-and-everyday brushes:

Brushes are so pricey when they're decent, so I try to make them last . . . you know how that goes.
For now, anyone have awesome projects calling for tiny watercolor brushes?

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