Friday, April 29, 2016

Things That Make Me Happy These Last Three Weeks of School

Soooooo close, and yet so far from summer.  As we wind down the school year, here's some things that make me smile:

This bulletin board! It's at a turn, so when you come down the hall PA-TOW! there it is, all bright and colorful.  This second grade lesson is a great one for color review. Here's a few close up of this year's birds:

And fourth grade puppets, just hanging out by my kiln cage:

These are amazing and wonderful and always a big hit! I guess I've never blogged about them, so I need to get on it, but trust me, they're fun and I'll try to blog about them soon.
Also, opening a kiln after a glaze firing, is there anything better?!

It's like CHRISTMAS, I tell ya! Hold onto the good things, friends, summer (and sanity) is near!

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