Monday, April 4, 2016

Some Scratch Art Ibis Birds

Whew! Days are really flying by now in some ways (it's sort of a "days are long, years are short" sort of thing going on around here).  I feel like I don't have any TIME to get things like blogging or organizing done, but somehow have plenty of time for snacking. . . that's a whole different issue!

Third grade is wrapping up their Egyptian unit (HA!) and we've made these ibis birds to decorate our "tomb" hallway:

I did this lesson several years ago, but learned some things, like write their name on the non-scratch-art side in sharpie so they know where to trace:

I didn't have anyone trace on the wrong side doing it this way! 
Instead of plain blue paper for the background as I'd done before, I had them make their own version of Egyptian tomb paintings:

Pencil, extra-fine Sharpie and Crayola color sticks

Because I'm nearly all out of black paper, each student got two 6 x 6" pieces of gray to draw out their legs and bird neck/head.  They drew and cut the gray and then glued them to the shiny side of their scratch-art paper (the side with their name) and then the scratching fun began!

Finally, we used some 3-D Ohs that have been in my cabinet for at least nine years to attach the ibis birds to the backgrounds:

Four 3-D Ohs per student: on for the head, three for the body
Every time I walk down that hallway I want the lights to be dimmed/off to make for a more tomb-like experience.  Somehow I doubt the custodian would be willing to take out every other fluorescent bulb to make that dream a reality for me--something about safety or security or some silly little thing like that!

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