Monday, April 11, 2016

Yay For Another Conference!

Just back from Missouri Spring Conference--YES, it was my third art conference this year (for those who were keeping track) and it was AWESOME. One of the sessions I attended was a lesson by United using Pacon's plastic posterboard.  It's a pretty cool tempera monoprint lesson, but look at that price tag: $57.95 for the plastic posterboard.  Um, I'm all out of $57.95? 
So I decided to try an experiment using some of the old overhead sheets (the boxes and boxes and boxes that our school secretary happily gave me) and some tempera paint I had:

Totally worked!
The idea is that you paint on the plastic surface (the pricey posterboard, or in my case, the free overhead sheets) with tempera (I actually used washable Crayola).  I taped my overhead sheet to the table and painted with primary colors:

I printed on damp white Pacon construction paper (so it doesn't matter if the paint dries on your overhead sheet):

I made the decision to use white construction paper because some other teachers who attended the session were talking about how they liked using it over white drawing paper due to how fibrous it is (is that a real word?). To make the paper equally damp, I actually sprayed it with a water bottle and then pressed a sponge on the surface to have equal wetness:

I'm very excited that this worked so well, and plan on doing this with my adaptive group.  Yay again for conferences and new ideas and time with art teachers!

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