Wednesday, April 13, 2016


What WOULD Romare Bearden say about this stinker of a lesson?
Maybe I should title this post "A Sincere Apology to Romare Bearden."  Big SIGH.  This was maybe a bit successful? Mostly not?  I don't think the students really 'got it' and it shows in their work.
We started out learning about Romare Bearden and looking at his work via a scrolling powerpoint of images.  Then we painted blocks of color for backgrounds (using tempera cakes):

Then I made my (first) crucial mistake: I had the students cut anything that interested them out of magazines and allowed them to glue them to their papers.  What happened?  A mish-mash of images with no cohesion:

Some kind of got it:

But they still felt random, and like students were just gluing random pictures on a piece of paper (which many of them were).  I tried to reign it in and get them back on track and didn't let them glue, had them build their composition first, and eh:

I thought maybe adding some oil pastel would help:

Finally, I decided we had to move on, so we finished and added some what I learned/what I want the viewer to know sheets:

Sorry for the blurry photo--it says
When I did this project I learned: "putting different things together."
Something I want you to know about my artwork:
"it is outside showing a house."
All in all, not a truly terrible lesson.  Also not one I'd repeat without some major changes.
Sorry, Romare Bearden!

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